7 or 8 Passenger Van Rental

Dodge Caravan

Great for families vacationing or small groups of commuting together sports teams from Los Aneles airport LAX to hotel to convention hall Hollywood walk of fame, universal studios city Disneyland Santa Monica beach venice beach, this 7 passenger van rental is ready to travel. Each seat is designed for comfort, and the fuel consumption is low. A champion city transport, this comfortable compact van is fabulous on the open road as well. Customers can reserve a van for local driving or road trips and affordable pricing is available.

Power packed and easy to handle, the 7 passenger van rental fits more people than a sedan, and/or 2016-8 Passenger Van TOYOTA SIENNA, but does not take much more gas to run. This vehicles are friendly to the environment because of fuel conservation and space for more riders at a time. While more passengers can ride, the compact quality is felt in how the van rides and handles. Simple to drive, clear visibility, and stretching the gas are all advantages on this rental. Affordable rental pricing is just an added benefit.